Our Farm

Located on ancient river bed soils, our farm is much more than just cannabis - it is a thriving ecosystem full of fruits, vegetables, flowering bushes, animals, and water resources.



Mixed Canopy Production

Of course, we proudly grow cannabis too! Experimentation is constantly underway to keep delivering top notch product and drive agricultural innovations.


Greenhouse Canopy

With advanced environment controls and living soil beds we can produce the highest quality cannabis out of this structure, year round. That means you can always expect to find a consistently awesome Indigo Gardens product in your local Oregon dispensary.


Outdoor Canopy

Planted in native soil and tended to by mother nature herself, the buds from our outdoor field are crazy rich in terpenes and other plant secondary metabolites. By taking extra care to always mulch and incorporate other plantings we are not only growing incredible cannabis - we are sequestering CO2 and building soil organic matter. Regenerating the earth is the goal, and world class cannabis is a beautiful byproduct.